"Growth enhancer" enhances/induce the plantation's growth to the full potential and ensure the health (grow stronger) of the plantation, it is not a fertilizer (nor a fertilizer replacement), nor will it change the gene (non GMO product); It has no chemical content, no accumulations and no trace/footprint. The product is based on low temperature medical plasma technology, resulting in this bio friendly and non-toxic high tech product. Effect of the enhancer will depend on the fertileness of the soil.

Type of product

Root applied series -- General usages; Spray series -- Leaves applications; Anti-freeze series -- Leaves applications;
Trunk painting series -- Trunk healing; Seed dressing series -- Enhance growth (Specified); Root dipping -- Healing & growth

Applied plantations

Too many to list, please request

Usage directions

Important: Do Not use metallic (metal) container with any of the Enhancer, Plasma within the Enhancer will react with metal when contact, and produce negative effect.

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