ProcurementMega Energy Equipment has the ability to procure all equipment and parts that owner desire (even if it is none related, such as repair, spare parts, any hard to procure equipment and materials); as a full service company that has the qualification for export, we are your solution for procure any products/components that is required. Years of experiences in the Western market (since 1979) and native culture back ground, we are fully capable of handling the China business practice, the different cultural back ground makes doing business somewhat special; We will guide our customer through the negotiation and the languages. Any and all negotiation will be delightful and beneficial.

LogisticsMega energy offer planning, implementation, and coordination of your requirement of sourcing product in China, which will resolving your communication gap between different cultures. We will make you sourcing in china painless and delightful, our ability in multiple culture communication and years of experiences in domestic/international business enable us with the knowledge and relations with key service providers and merchandise producers which you will benefit from utilizing our services. We are the best passages for your logistic requirement.

ConsultancyMega Energy Equipment offer consultant services for the project that is managed by the owner/operator. For the project that is managed by the owner/operator; We offer consultant services for technical assistant, local custom and practice, language, procurement negotiation, shipment arrangement, physical product inspection, specification verification and spare/repair parts logistic services. In addition, obtain government invitation for owner visit (only qualified company will be able to apply). We can arrange erection/installation supervision or management when if it is not arranged by the equipment suppliers. We can also be the export agent if the supplier selected by the owner is not classified or qualified as an exporter. Provide seamless communication on any task(s) that the owner desired or selected, from the consultation of pre-project fact finding, design evaluation, equipment and vendor selection, procurement, shipping, project management, commission and more until the operation. In fact we will be owner's operation team/agent in China and job site to provide all convinces, our staffs are technical knowledgeable and experienced with dedication to completion. Our vest relationships in the industry become owner's resources. You will not only gain in professional solution and economic benefit, but also a knowledgeable ally beyond the project.

Service provided

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