Welcome to Mega Energy Equipment Inc. your ultimate energy planer, and solution provider.
Company is delighted to join the Glauben Besitz, LLC family of companies. We are confident that being part of the Glauben group, Mega Energy is well positioned to add natural gas solutions to its current and future portfolio of projects. Company executive is excited to be part of the GB's management team. Glauben holds one of a handful of license from the U.S. Department of Energy to export U.S. natural gas, along with our experience in design, engineering, and constructing coal fired, biomass, solar, and our agriculture business will benefit as Glauben develops their LNG export facility.
Mega Energy has been providing services and solutions in designs, and procurement for the clients (EP or EPS) on coal fired power plant and process steam equipment, as well as providing consulting services for owner managed project, which covers: Boiler (coal fired boiler, biomass boiler, and combine fuel boiler), STG (Steam turbine and generator), power plant auxiliaries, emission control systems, PV (solar power) plant, BIPV panel, heat collecting tube and panels, CSP, wind turbine, PV + wind turbine (combo units) and more.
We have vest knowledge throughout different sector of the energy sources from the fossil fuels, Bio fuels to the renewable green energy.



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