Enhancer High light

Promote the growth of crops and significantly increase the yield.According to tests of authoritative departments,after this product is applied,the crops will generally have hhealthy and equally high seedlings with increased root quantities,and better absorption rate of water and fertilizers.They will also have higher chlorophyll content,and green and luxuriant leaves,ensuring adequate conversion and utilization rate to nutrition.The premature senescence of crops remarkably is reduced,which greatly increases the ability to retain flowers and fruits.With the jojint effects above,the rate of crop growth reaches 7.1-27%.This fundamentally ensures increase of productivity effect.

Improve the quality of crops and increase the commodity rate.Applications in each region prove that, the product has good two-way adjustment functions to the growth of crops. It can make the commodity rate of potatoes increase by more than 9.8% and the rate of malformed fruit of tomatoes reduce to 1.5%-8.2%, and the total sugar content of grapes increase by 2%-3% in average.
It can also make the total sugar contents of crops including grapes,pears,peaches,watermelons and melons increase by 1%-3%, effectively ensuring and increasing production gain.

Enhance the ability of crops to withstand adversities including coldness.The product can effectively increase the cell sap concentration of crops, enhancing the ability of crops to withstand adversities including coldness and drought. The corns, outdoor vegetables, etc. have greatly increased ability to with stand drought. The cold resistance index of potatoes increases by 70%, the cold resistance level of apples, walnuts and others significantly increases and the tea's resistance to low temperatures in spring and cold spell in late spring improves significantly. This product has great significance to resist loss caused by the adverse climate in agricultural products.

Enhance crops'resistance to disease and promote wound healing.The tests conducted by each Plant Protection Department in many areas has demonstrated that this product can improve the tolerant ability of host cells to the pathogenic bacteria, inhibit the reproduction and spread of pathogenic microorganisms, and significantly slow down the occurrence and harm of diseasea. At the same time, it can effectively promote wound healing, and the fomation of new tissue. It has a disease control effect on more than 92% of stem and branch diseases including apple tree canker,and on more than 73.8% of leaf diseases including downy mildew. In average,it reduces the rate of disease infection of 0.5%-13.1%. This fundamentally ensures agricultural productivity effect.

With food grade safety, it can effectively guarantee organic agriculture production.The product is produced by adopting physical technologies, without any chemical ingredients. It has passed strict toxicological test, concluding that the product is of actual non-toxic grade. It has also obtained organic input certification. It will neither lead to the residue in crops, nor result in the pollution of soil and groundwater. It is a reliable guarantee technology of organic agriculture production with high added value.

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